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By Jen Weaver, Carmazzi Global Solutions

Paraguayan boyToday let’s venture down to South America and explore some common cultural facts about Paraguayans and their expectations when it comes to T&D.

Test your knowledge of Paraguayan culture with the Fun-Fact questions below:

  1. True or False. Paraguay is the only landlocked country in South America.
  2. True or False. Paraguay has the reputation of being a safe haven for Nazi war criminals on the run.

Quick Tips for Training & Development in Paraguay1:

  • Paraguay has two official languages: Spanish and Guaraní. Guaraní is not typically used in business interactions and is an indigenous language, but every governmental employee is expected to know it. If training or interacting with politicians, you may find a Guaraní interpreter helpful. Although business executives speak Spanish or English, they will want all materials to be translated into Spanish before training.
  • Truth is perceived as subjective and based on individual feelings.
  • As is common in Latin American cultures, the family nucleus is vital to daily life, and individual decisions are made with the entire group in mind. The Catholic faith is also a predominant part of life, as Roman Catholicism is the state religion and practiced by almost 90% of the population.
  • Foreigners are expected to arrive on time, but Paraguayans are not known for their punctuality.
  • Don’t mistake late meetings as having a lack of formality; business meetings are treated seriously and with great propriety.
  • While machismo is strong, most men are cautious when negotiating with women, as they don’t want to offend them. Including women negotiators on your team may give you an unexpected advantage.
  • Personal relationships are key, so try to maintain the same point of contact for all your company’s interactions.

Fun-Fact Answers:

  1. Bolivia and Paraguay are both landlocked.
  2. Although most have died off.

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1Morrison, Terri, & Conaway, Wayne A. (2006). Kiss, bow, or shake hands (2nd ed.). Avon: Adams Media.


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