At CGS we take client education very seriously. Not only are we available to answer your questions and brainstorm solutions, but we consistently offer published materials to aid your decision making and project management processes.

Please browse and download from our available client resources as listed below.

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Understand the Industry

Interpretation vs. Translation?
Make sense of the language industry.

Glossary of Language Industry Terms

A glossary for terms frequently used in relation to translation and interpretation.


Coming Out On Top

Running your translation department, don't let it run you!

Corporate Translation Management

Streamline processes, save costs, & increase the quality of your translation results.


Your Translation Roadmap

First time buying translation? Or trying to avoid repeat mistakes?

A Guide to Buying Translation

There are hundreds of ways a translation project can go off track. Get it right!


Planning Your Project

How to get your translation project from Point A to Points X,Y, and Z.

A Translation and Localization Checklist

An invaluable resource for those starting their first language service projects.


Correct and On Time

Learn from a real life case study with one of our government clients.

Case Study: Accuracy & Delivery

Download a CGS case study on Accuracy and Delivery in Translation.


Knowing Your ABC's

Maximize your global elearning initiatives.

Localization and Translation

Download our 26 tips to make your elearning materials less daunting!