On-Site Interpretation

With today’s technology—smartphones, text messages, social media, video chats—the ability to communicate with another person is always at our fingertips. Despite these advances, nothing compares to the communication that occurs when you speak to someone face-to-face. The tone of your voice and position of your body communicate just as loudly as the words being spoken.

When working with Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients, avoiding miscommunication and cultural missteps can be a daily burden. CGS knows that sometimes a translated document or a voice over the phone just isn’t enough: sometimes you need a face.

CGS partners with professional interpreters who act as not only a voice, but a cultural conduit of communication to bridge the gap between languages and cultures.

When you utilize face-to-face interpreters, you enjoy the following benefits:
Comfort – An in-person interpreter puts everyone at ease and eliminates the fear of being misunderstood.
Personalized customer care – CGS Account Managers coordinate the appointment details, communicate to your LEP client (as needed), schedule interpreters and troubleshoot logistical issues.
Knowledge – CGS interpreters will help you overcome cultural nuances or obstacles you may not have known about.

When you contact CGS to arrange a face-to-face interpreter, we are prepared to take the worry of coordination off your plate. Our highly skilled Account Managers have years of experience managing the details of a face-to-face interpretation appointment, and are equipped to help you coordinate the logistics, manage risks, and successfully complete the assignment.

Our customer service approach is Accessible, Innovative and Responsive. It’s what sets us apart. We don’t want to weigh you down with extra people, processes and problems; rather, we aim to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and daily operations.

Accessible – You have a dedicated Account Manager to handle all communication, and services are available 24 hours a day. Representatives are also available for meetings, phone calls or video conferences as you deem beneficial.

Innovative – CGS has customized processes and reporting, and has even created new service offerings to meet unique client needs.

Responsive – Receipt of your requests will be confirmed within two hours.

Let us bring a breath of fresh air into your organization as your language services partner!