Multimedia & Audio

When it comes to your clients, making sure they see and hear your brand, image, style and quality come through correctly is critical, especially in multimedia & audio projects!

Voice Over Recording

With a large selection of voice talent and a professional voice-over recording studio, CGS is well equipped to provide high caliber foreign language voice-overs for your e-learning courses, corporate training videos, media commercials, narration and films. You provide the detail about the voice and feel you are hoping to achieve and we will provide samples for your review.

Audio Transcription

CGS utilizes professional transcriptionists to listen to audio files and transcribe the oral content into a written Microsoft Word document or other template as specified by you. Depending on the project scope, the transcriptionist may also be a bilingual professional translator. When providing multilingual transcription services, the transcriptionist will provide the non-English text as it was spoken and the translation next to it.

Subtitling (Closed Captioning)

Our localization engineers will use a program suitable to process video files (ex: Final Cut Pro video editing station, DVD Studio Pro, Formats include DVCAM, mini DV and Betacam SP) to insert subtitles from your final video script. The subtitles will be timed exactly to the video audio.