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We live and work in a global economy. International corporations tackle country-specific regulations, and the unique challenges of catering one message to multiple locales and cultures. Even U.S. based companies face a growing need to have marketing materials and legal documents translated for the diverse local population.

The stakes are high when a poor translation can alienate an entire community. Knowing you can trust the quality of your localized materials is an absolute requirement. You deserve peace of mind, not another question mark to weigh on your shoulders.

With dedicated teams of subject matter experts in the corporate world, you can rest assured that CGS will deliver excellence you can count on—every time! Many of our clients have decreased expenses and achieved substantial competitive advantages through our customized language solutions. We understand the unique requirements of translation and localization for your company’s marketing and legal collateral. We see the big picture—how language supports your corporate objectives for growth, security, and increased revenue. At CGS, we specialize in your space. Let us help.

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CGS offers highly skilled teams of translators who are subject matter experts in the banking industry. Past projects include website translation & localization, published financial magazines, brochures, applications, forms, financial textbooks, training materials, as well as formal, confidential documentation for internal uses.

Technical translation is always a challenge, no matter the industry or sector .CGS understands this and through years of experience with leading federal agencies, we are here to help.

CGS hold extensive experience with the translation and localization of user guides, business applications, fact sheets, and internal documentation.

Our terminology management system allows your brand to be consistently translated each and every time, ensuring each product receives the same quality translation throughout. Not only are we capable of handling your translation needs, CGS also has a highly skilled team of desktop publishers who are readily available to handle the formatting of any file format to allow your products to go straight to print, or in some cases, to your consumers.

Our customer service approach is Accessible, Innovative and Responsive. It’s what sets us apart. We don’t want to weigh you down with extra people, processes and problems; rather, we aim to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and daily operations.

Accessible – You have a dedicated Project Manager to handle all communication, and services are available 24 hours a day. Representatives are also available for meetings, phone calls or video conferences as you deem beneficial.

Innovative – CGS has customized processes and reporting, and has even created new service offerings to meet unique client needs.

Responsive – Receipt of your requests will be confirmed within two hours.

Let us bring a breath of fresh air into your organization as your language services partner!

In Context Online is our integrated translation work flow and project management system, is a powerful and flexible business process that allows us to facilitate your project and save you time and money, all through a Web-based solution using the latest security technology. In Context Online increases productivity by managing our entire work flow from the initial quote to the invoice. With this very user-friendly program, our clients can check the status of their projects from beginning to end. As part of In Context Online, our translation teams utilize Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to build a repository of translation memory from which to draw for future projects. Translation memory—text translated in the past—constitutes a huge resource pool for new translation tasks. The use of translation memory makes translation faster, better and up to 80 percent more cost effective.

Highlights of In Context Online include:

1.    Shorter time to Market

2.    Minimized Costs

3.    Increased Quality Assurance

4.    Streamlined Outsourcing

5.    Integrated Processes